Group Loan

New Group Loan

Group lending is a unique financial service for low income entrepreneurs. To obtain such a loan it is necessary to form a group of three or more individuals who run businesses that earn income and have been active for at least three months. These loans aim to give you the necessary capital to expand your business. Group members guarantee each other’s loan repayment, which is why collateral is not necessary.


  • No requirements for collateral security.
    Collateral free loan means that you do not have to offer any asset or pledge collateral to borrow against. The loan given to you is unsecured.
  • Guarantors are the other members of the group
    Each member of group can give guarantee of each member in the group so you need not to have any other external guarantors

  •  A more simplistic approach to business analysis
    We have very simplistic method of analysis of your business we does not need detailed documentation and explanation of your business

  • Industry competitive interest available
    We provide loans at very competitive interest rates 24%-26% on reducing balance.

  •  Easy loan application and smooth disbursement of loan
    We have a very smooth system for loan disbursement, we disburse loan within very few time which helps you to start your business in time

  •  Minimum processing charge
    We charge the least processing fee in industry

  • Repayment maximum period 60 months
    We provide maximum loan repayment period, with adherence to the payback period limit provided in the MCA Rules.

  • No prepayment penalty:
    We do not levy any penalty or fine on prepayments like other Banks and NBFCs. Therefore, one can repay the loan as per his/her convenience.